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Press coverage of regional report on Unicef guidelines


Dnevnik (19.02.2010): Marriage as tips on child trafficking />
The newspaper Dnevnik published an article on the launching event and on the importance of the regional report in an article on trafficking in children in Macedonia. It draws the attention of Macedonian readers on the scope of the phenomenon of trafficking in children as explained by Mr. Sande Kitanov while highlighting the recommendations made in the report, especially on Juvenile justice provisions that should be more protective of trafficked children’s rights.
Nova Makedonija (19.02.2010): Children most often victims of traffickers />
Shetizen Journalists (26.02.2010):Macedonia as transit country became a country of origin-for trafficking in minors />
Netpress (19.02.2010):Children are often victims of trafficking />
Zeri (23.02.2010) The rights of the trafficked children are defended
According to Zeri newspaper article, Regional report that is dedicated to the implementation of “UNICEF Guidelines on defence of rights of children victims of trafficking in South-eastern Europe” was launched on Monday PVPT and “Terres des hommes” in Prishtina. The article highlights the words of the author of the report, Pierre Cazenave. He said that a big part of children are not identified with the victim status and that for consequence they don’t benefit from the care that they deserve. Social workers are overloaded, for example, one social worker is charged with 240 different cases.Kosovo lacks of judges that deal with such cases, there is only one judge for minors. While asking for improvement of judiciary, he said trainings should be organized for judges and prosecutors.
Gazeta Shqiptare (24. 02. 2010) : Gazeta shqiptare, Shqipëria, vendburim për trafikimin e fëmijëve

Gazeta Shqiptare, a major Albanian newspaper commented the release of the regional report on the implementation of the UNICEF guidelines on the 24th of February. The article state that Albania still remains a country of origin for child victims of trafficking and reports mainly on the regional perspective adopted by the report. The article endorses the recommendations of the report and sheds the light on the important lack of identification capacities of Albanian authorities when dealing with child victims.