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End Child Slavery Week


November 20, 2014, Budapest, Hungary: Terre des hommes Regional Office has joined the campaign End Child Slavery Week to fight for the abolition of child slavery to be incorporated into the post-2015 Development Goals.
With an estimated 21 million in forced labour across the globe, there are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history. A minimum of 5.5 million children are enslaved, 85 million children are engaged in hazardous work and 168 million child labourers are in need of immediate and urgent help. Put into perspective, the 21 million people in forced labor leads to more than US$150 billion in profits, which exceeds the population and GDP of many countries or territories around the world.
Forced labor happens everywhere, it is not a third-world phenomenon. In fact, forced labor is by far the most profitable in developed economies, such as in the European Union.
As consumers, we may inadvertently finance slavery through the products we buy and use every day. Whether it’s food or clothing, computers or other electronics, too many of these products are produced far from where they are bought, successively changing hands through complex supply chains. We must learn more about modern day slavery and human trafficking, demand government regulations and the enforcement of laws that protect all people from slavery, demand supply chain transparency and boycott those companies that do not implement best practices relating to human rights.
The campaign – that runs from November 20 to November 26 – is the joint effort of Anti-Slavery, Education International, Global March Against Child Labour, International Trade Union Confederation, Kids Right and the Thomson Reuters Foundation – but many other trade unions, non-governmental organisations consumer groups, education rights groups, teachers unions, universities, women’s groups, youth groups, faith based groups, agricultural cooperatives and associated organisations, financial institutions, corporations and small enterprises have joined the effort as well. Much more than a high profile advocacy campaign, End Child Slavery Week is envisioned to be a revolutionary movement that for the first time ever, will unite concerned organisations around the world and truly empower all citizens of the planet to be an agent of change.
Terre des hommes is publishing the present, special newsletter, covering some issues of child exploitation in Europe, with the help of experienced, renown professionals, who research these issues or work with children affected by the phenomenon. Tdh is grateful to the contributors: Olivier Peyroux, researcher,Claire Healy and Madalina Rogoz from ICMPD, Claire Cody, manager of the ‘Our Voices’ project, Judit Geller, lawyer of the European Roma Rights Center, and a very special thanks to the Youth Advisors in Albania who had participated in the ‘Our Voices’ project. These pieces cover the some of the most prevalent forms of child exploitation in Europe: forced begging, exploitation in petty crime and child sexual exploitation.
To know more about the campaign, please visit the campaign’s website, like the campaign’s Facebook page, view the campaign video and sign the petition of the campaign.
Tdh’s own official position on child labour can be accessed here