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“Ludoteca - from A to Z” Seminar

August 12-14, 2013, Chisinau, Moldova: As part of a new project, which creates Ludotecas (toy libraries) in 20 schools from rural communities, 20 teachers received training on how to work with children in these toy libraries

Ludoteca is a socio-educational service that helps children overcome situations of vulnerability, by creating a safe environment for play, communication, relaxation and informal learning. The game is the core of a ludoteca. It leads to unlocking the creative potential and playful mood of children and parents, and providing an alternative and participatory solutions to free time organization, empowering and strengthening community relations in a positive and relaxing setting.

The Seminar attended by teachers from Falesti district provided theoretical and practical training in non-formal educational methods in working with children. Terre des hommes will also offer equipment to the participating schools for the creation of the ludotecas. Therefore, starting the new school year, the children of 20 rural communities will benefit from a new service.

“I am looking forward to having this new child-friendly space in our community. During our Joint Training for teachers from both banks of the Nistru River, I discussed with teachers from the Transnistrian region that already have experience in ludotecas and they say children really enjoy spending their time there, mentioned a teacher from Falesti district.

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Background: The Seminar took place in the framework of the Building a common approach to children project. This project is implemented with the assistance of the “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme funded by the European Union, co-funded and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).