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Kick-off event of the Project 'Right(s) Court for Children


October 12-13, 2015, Budapest, Hungary: Project partners from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and the UK came together to plan the project and discuss important ethical and implementation issues around the new project 'Right(s) Court for Children'.

The project plans to involve 160 children in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Romania in a cooperative work to design and plan an online game for children that would inform and promote the rights of children in different criminal proceedings - based on international conventions and guidance. The young people between 14-18 will have a chance to learn about judicial processes, meet judges, prosecutors, lawyers, visit a court proceeding, make interviews with different professionals. They will also discuss across countries about their findings and their joint plan for the online game. Once developed, the game will be promoted in 6 EU Member States among 5,000 children and children playing the game will have a chance to send messages to their national decision makers about their rights.

Kick-off participants presented the national legislative systems, discussed how these can be harmonised into one game, and whether to focus on the promotion of good practices or rather to sensitise kids about their country-based realitieis so that they know what faces them if they are participating in a judicial process either as witnesses, victims or offenders. Ethical issues were also discussed regarding the participation of children - and how to ensure their safety all through the process.

After the meeting a conceptual paper will be developed by Szilvia Gyurko and Renata Winters, experts in justice for children, which can be the basis for the judicial background of the game. Partners are identifying high-schools to approach and work with, while the methodology and approaches are left to them to develop or use from their past experience.


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The project is being co-funded by the European Union.