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Improving the protection of children through professionals' capacity development


Our regional network for child protection professionals and agencies, ChildHub, is continuously growing, recently reaching 3500 members. This regional hub provides numerous opportunities with the aim to strengthen cooperation and innovation in the fight against child abuse, trafficking and exploitation in Southeast Europe.

Through our online platform available in English and several regional languages, anyone can access a rich librarymultimedia resources, and other learning materials, share experience with colleagues, ask for or provide advice. 

ChildHub is also regularly organizing free webinars. The next webinars are:

  1. Understanding the relationship between children’s rights and the environment (in English), October 26, 15:00 CET.
  2. Can we talk about sexual abuse of children in a common language? (in Bulgarian), October 26, 11:00 CET.

ChildHub has already organized more than 40 webinars in 5 languages on a wide range of topics, including refugee crisis, violence against children, juvenile justice, burnout of social workers and other. Around 70 professionals of different backgrounds and fields presented on our webinars, and almost 1000 professionals participated! 91% of participants said webinars were useful for their work!

One of ChildHub’s most attractive offers are the free online courses. Currently there are three courses that you can follow at your own pace:

  1. Supporting Children's Participation - This course is designed for all child protection professionals who want to learn more about helping children to participate in the decisions which affect them. It contains three foundation modules and six practice modules. Each practice module discusses one particular group of children and their participation, like children in conflict with the law, children with disabilities, children in care and Roma children.
  2. Practicing Supervision in Child Protection and Care Agencies - This course is designed for experienced child protection professionals who already have or who are taking on a responsibility for overseeing the work of other staff. It explores what we mean by supervision, how it has an impact on practice and how to develop and maintain a supervision system in your agency. A working model of supervision and the tools needed for setting up a supervision system are provided. These first two courses have been developed by the Center for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (CELCIS), based at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. By completing the course, you will receive a Certificate from CELCIS.
  3. Working in a Multidisciplinary Team for Addressing Child Abuse Issues – A Basic Orientation and Overview - This online training is designed for professionals working in the field of child protection against abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation and whom may be required to work in a multidisciplinary team. It is based on the e-course developed by Tdh in Albania, but some of the references to Albanian legislation were removed and it was made to fit a general context.

The development of child protection professionals' capacity is key in improving the access of children in Southeast Europe to quality services and to realizing their fundamental rights. In this view, ChildHub continues its mission to create a strong community of practice in child protection and we encourage professionals to regularly engage.

ChildHub is led by Terre des hommes regional office in Budapest, in partnership with Terre des hommes in Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania; Brave Phone in Croatia, Know How Centre for Alternative Care for Children in Bulgaria, The Center for Youth Integration in Serbia), and Save the Children North West Balkans in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is co-funded by the European Commission's DAPHNE project, the Austrian Development Cooperation, Oak Foundation, the Kanton Zürich Lottery Funds, and UNICEF.