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Hungarian young people play 'casino' for child rights


On March 1st two groups of Hungarian teenagers - from a secondary school and a correctional facility for girls met for the first time to get to know each other in a playful game - but also to learn about their rights with the help of 'expert' adults: a police officer, a guardian, a probation officer, a judge, a child rights specialist, a prosecutor, and a lawyer.

The kids formed mixed groups and had a 'travel pass' with different questions on them, to which they had to find answers from the 'experts'. They went from table to table where the adults sat, they played card-games, and then discussed the answers to their questions. Their goal was to collect answers to the questions on their travel pass. When a group of kids arrived at one table, the adults first played the game with them to break the ice, and then the kids could ask their questions. If they filled out their travel passes, they could go to the 'casino cashier' and get a pizza ticket.

In the second part of the afternoon the kids had to find their own answers to a set of questions which all described short situations in which children can get in touch with representatives of the justice system. After completion they had the chance to discuss their answers with the adults at the table, could ask their own questions about the cases and discuss each other's opinions.

The afternoon ended with pizza:-).


The project "Rights Court for Childrfen" is co-funded by the European Union.