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Inter-University cooperation for a better equipped social service workforce


January 18-19, 2016, Budapest, Hungary: academics of eight Universities met in Budapest for the first time after planning the cooperation for the past two years. Now, thanks to the generous support of the Erasmus +, joint work to develop upgraded curricula in the Albanian, Bulgarian, Kosovar, Moldovan, Romanian and Serbian Universities can start. The project, lead by the University of Stirling, will allow for the development of new teaching modules, including e-learning ones, training materials for the lecturers and dissemination activities to promote and share the results. The Child Protection Hub is also a partner in the cooperation, in order to ensure mutual learning between the two initiatives, one that is targeting practicing social workers, while the other future social workers.

During the meeting participants worked on a list of possible themes and topics for the core modules to be developed – based on the areas of challenge of each country’s social service workforce or gaps in current curriculum. At the University of Tirana for example the Department would like to improve the skills of practice supervisors, while the University of Belgrade would like to upgrade its curriculum in child participation (techniques as well as knowledge). The University of Kent that has been developing innovative simulation games for students and professionals, is interested in understanding child protection in the current migration context. Both the University of Prishtina and the Chisinau Pedagogical University would like to link theory to practice, while the University of Stirling hopes to open up perspectives for its students to more global issues through this cooperation.