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Annual Network Meeting in Budapest


Around 25 representatives from the organizations involved in the Mario project will gather in Budapest 11-12 February 2016 at the Mario Annual Network Meeting to determine their annual work plan which will include advocacy activities at both national and regional level to improve the protection of children on the move. In addition to this meeting, an Institutional Learning Exercise (ILE) will be organized on the second day in order to offer project partners the opportunity to build a common understanding of the reasons underpinning their participation in the Mario initiative and to draw the lessons to improve the future design and implementation of activities of Mario.

The Mario project has entered in its second phase in 2013 and its activities have extended to 16 countries and 19 partners. Entering the third year of its second phase in January of this year, the overall objective of the project is to have stakeholders be able to address the vulnerability of children on the move at local and regional levels and strengthen cooperation of authorities across borders.

The project partners will continue to ensure that authorities at both national and transnational level can rely upon improved laws, regulations, procedures and guidance to identify and address the vulnerability of children on the move in a multi-disciplinary way, and accompany professionals in implementing them by clarifying both the clear conceptual frameworks and tools that these can rely upon in managing cases of children on the move at national and transnational levels.