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A "Burst of Emotions" on Viber! Express your emotions with the new stickers created by Terre des hommes and UNICEF in Moldova


Terre des hommes Moldova and UNICEF Moldova, in partnership with Viber, the messaging and calling app, have launched a new pack of stickers called "Burst of Emotions", that depict the young robot Robert and his friends who express a wide range of emotions and empathic messages. The stickers – their messages and design, were developed with the active participation of the Children’s Advisory Board of Tdh Moldova.

Emotions represent the most authentic connection with our inner world, as well as with others, helping us to be aware of ourselves and to create harmonious relationships with others. However, people often tend to detach from many of their emotions and instead wear socially accepted masks. Thus, the little robots in the new pack of stickers portray a metaphor of our relationship with our own emotions and of the need to experience and express them.

The stickers convey a wide range of emotions such as joy, happiness and gratitude, as well as sadness, anger and discontentment. With their help, Tdh and UNICEF wish to encourage the children and young people in Moldova to be more aware of their own emotions and to express them in an authentic way. Moreover, through stickers with supportive messages, such as "Take care of yourself!", "You can rely on me!" or "Everything will be fine!", the two organisations want to motivate children to be more attentive to the emotions of their peers and to show more often empathy towards them.

"Our priority is the happiness and the well-being of each child and we want to help the teenagers and young people to understand their own emotions and their value, to show kindness and empathy towards their peers and to build quality relationships", says Teodora Rebeja, Programme Manager, Tdh Moldova.

When downloading the sticker pack, Viber users are redirected to an informative chatbot on the U-Report platform where they will learn more about how they can be in contact with their emotions, about empathy and friendship, as well as about how they can recognize and stop an act of bullying. The content of the chatbot is available in Romanian and Russian languages.

"Stickers are part of our daily communication and they sometimes represent more than words could say. This new package is meant to facilitate the expression of emotions and contribute to the improvement of the social rules and relations. At the same time, the chatbot gives teenagers and young people the opportunity to learn more about bullying and how it can be prevented", says Gheorghe Trofin, Child Protection Officer, UNICEF Moldova.

Viber Messenger hosts free of charge the "Burst of Emotions" sticker pack which can be downloaded until 6th of August 2021. "Stickers are among the most popular elements of Viber and of instant messaging, in general. They are as expressive as a thousand words and they can cheer us up when we are sad. The Viber stickers of UNICEF and Tdh Moldova successfully accomplish this mission, providing support, socializing and motivation to openly express one’s emotions. By sending a sticker to your conversation partner, you also send this simple message", said Mila Rogulina, PR Director for Commonwealth of Independent States, Rakuten Viber.

To download the sticker pack, access this website:

or scan the QR code:

The sticker pack and the chatbot were developed by Terre des hommes Moldova as part of the "Joint efforts to combat bullying in Moldova" project, implemented with the support of UNICEF Moldova.

About the project

"Joint efforts to combat bullying in Moldova" is a comprehensive pilot-project, implemented by Terre des hommes Moldova, with the support of UNICEF Moldova, in 30 schools countrywide, during 2020 – 2021 school year. Within this project, Tdh Moldova has developed training programmes and digital learning tools for children, teachers, child protection professionals and parents, created a series of educational videos and provided training for both direct beneficiaries and for the public. It also carried out the "STOP BULLYING! Stop. Speak. Help" national information and awareness-raising campaign, along with other 30 mini-campaigns in beneficiary schools. All the materials developed within the project will be available on website.

Terre des hommes is active in the Republic of Moldova since 2004 and the organisation’s programmes are aimed at ensuring that all children in the country benefit from a system that can guarantee their protection, development and engagement in the social, educational, cultural and health processes that concern them. More information:

About U-Report

U-Report is an innovative messaging tool that empowers young people around the world to engage with and speak out on issues that matter to them. It supports the self-expression and social mobilisation of youth and gives them the opportunity to respond anonymously to surveys, to ask questions, to discuss and to learn more about issues and topics of concern.

The U-Report, which is available free of charge on Viber and Facebook, was created by UNICEF, bringing together today 13 million young people from 76 countries. UNICEF launched the U-Report in Moldova in 2017 to inspire the young people to strengthen their communities and it currently has over 15.000 users across the country. More information on:

About Rakuten Viber

Viber is a global free application with millions of users worldwide that allows to make free calls, send text messages, images and video messages to other Viber users. It works on both mobile phones and computers and can be used for connecting with people around the world.