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8th International Conference „Helping Children-Victims of Crime”


Warsaw, Poland, October 24-25 2011: The 8th International Conference “Helping children- victims of crime” organized by the Nobody’s Children Foundation (NCF), the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Social Policy of Warsaw’s City Hall in the framework of the EU Polish Presidency took place from 24 to 25th October 2011.
The conference was attended by 2500 professionals from different parts of Poland who were welcomed by the Minister of Justice *and the *Minister of Health, as well as by the vice president of Warsaw and the president of NCF. The conference started with a welcoming letter from Bronis?aw Komorowski, President of Poland.
The first plenary sessions hosted short theatre performances concerning sexual abuse of children, presented by ‘Theatre 7th Floor’ and written by Jolanta Zmarzlik, Nobody’s Children Foundation clinical director. The first day of the conference was devoted to plenary sessions concerning different aspects of child abuse, held by prominent scholars in the field. On the second day the participants could choose from 36 parallel sessions with Polish, as well as foreign experts such as Michael Lamb from Cambridge University and Mark Chaffin from Oklahoma University in US. Parallel sessions cover topics such as commercial sexual exploitation, safety on the Internet, good parenting, post traumatic stress disorder, felinotherapy, consequences of psychological abuse, diagnosis of children victims of abuse.
A specific session was supported by the project Mario on the “Commercial sexual exploitation of children”. The experts from NCF and La Strada Foundation presented the situation of exploitation of children in prostitution in Poland and the NCF research results devoted to social attitudes towards exploitation of children in prostitution in Poland and in Ukraine, as well as to understanding of the problem. Also the awareness raising and educational campaign “Don’t lose!” about threats of commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth (child prostitution and child trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation) in the perspective of the European Championship in Football in 2012 in Poland and Ukraine was presented.
The participants found the event very interesting and inspiring opportunity to gain new knowledge and to exchange experience and establish professional networks. (DG)