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Summary of Laws that Protect Children's Rights in the Republic of Kosovo

Qëndresa Ibra-Zariqi | Mario project | 68 pages
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The report was published in the framework of the Mario project by Tdh Delegation in Kosovo. It provides an easy-to-use reference guide to all the laws and regulations that are focusing on protecting the rights of children in different fields, from child protection to education and health.
After defining ‘children’, the document first reviews the constitution of Kosovo, then Chapter 4 covers social protection, Chapter 5. children and justice, Chapter 6 health and health protection, Chapter 7 education, Chapter 8 leisure time and cultural activities. Chapter 9 and 10 review the institutional mechanisms and governmental bodies that work for upholding children’s rights. It concludes that a considerable part of legal ground covers principles and provisions of the convention for Children’s Rights. Also, the Republic of Kosovo has made significant advancements by enabling the establishment of a number of mechanisms that facilitate the fulfilment children’s rights by state authorities.

While the Republic of Kosovo has a good applicable legal ground, as well as appropriate mechanisms established for children’s rights, what leaves to be desired is undertaking appropriate measures to*fully implement legal ground in practice*, as well as empowering governmental bodies while also making them effective and efficient.