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"For a violence free life of children in Moldova" Project

Achievements after 2 years of implementation

Terre des hommes Moldova | 32 pages
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In a series of infographics, this document describes the results of the "For a violence free life of children in Moldova" Project, implemented during 2015-2017 by Terre des hommes Moldova, with the financial support of the OAK Foundation. The project aimed to improve the safety, wellbeing and development of highly vulnerable children, particularly those who are living without adequate family care and potential victims of abuse. As well it aimed to prevent child abuse by emphasizing the involvement of men and boys in this process and to change the gender aspects/stereotypes that can lead to abuse.

In February 2016, 960 children from 30 Moldovan communities participated in the "Children's views on gender stereotypes" study which aimed to identify the gender stereotypes that are present in society. Based on this study, several tools were designed to reduce stereotypes between May 2016 and May 2017. These tools were used to carry out a series of activities such as psychosocial activities, play activities, summer camps, and peer-to-peer activities. About 3000 children took part in the activities. A total of 837 children participate in the second phase of the study, aimed to assess the impact of the above-mentioned tools.

The comparative results of the study showed a decrease in the number of children who agree with the stereotypical assertions. Therefore we can conclude that the tools developed and applied within the project lead to diminishing stereotypes among children.