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Baseline survey on children on the move opinions in Kosovo

Klevis Vaqari | Mario project | 16 pages
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In the framework of the project MARIO, this report has been prepared based on the results of 20 child participation interviews which were conducted with children on the move, in the main cities of Kosova. The interview has been designed according to a child friendly perspective aiming to help children feel comfortable when talking about services they receive and what they would like from such services in the future.
The main aim of this report is to offer a clear picture of the children’s voice, through some real figures gathered directly from the field. Children have expressed their own opinions, the difficulties they face, the needs they have, what makes them feel comfortable and what not, defining thus the most appropriate issues regarding children and highlighting where further interventions are needed.
The interview is based on the principle of child participation, giving them the space to freely talk about what they would like for themselves, what lacks in their life and what could be improved according to their needs and expectations.
The interview addresses 6 basic areas which directly affect children’s well-being:
1. Conditions in the home/facility/residential unit
2. Meaningful participation of children in planning and service delivery
3. General accessibility to services
4. Adequacy of services proposed and made available to children
5. Safety and well-being of the child
6. Future Prospects of children